BioNinja App


BioNinja VCE App for iPads / iPhones:

To download this app, you must:

  • Send me your device's UDID
  • You will then receive a confirmation email
  • Download the following two files:
  • Drag these files into the library section of iTunes
  • If you now look under the Apps section of iTunes you should see the app listed
  • Simply plug in your device and select sync to download

It has been a while since I have tried to do this, so I may have stuffed it up. In which case, easiest solution is to find me with your computer and phone and I will work it out.

Some people have had issues in the past trying to download these files to a PC. Works better on a Mac.

BioNinja VCE App for Androids:

Much easier process! To download this app, you must:

This app is still not 100% beta ready. Songs don't work and quiz answer font sizes are messed up. Sorry!