AoS 3: Heredity

Course Outline

  • Molecular genetics
    • Genome, gene expression;  genes as units of inheritance
    • Principal events in transcription and translation
  • Tools and techniques:  gel electrophoresis;  DNA profiling;  DNA sequencing;  DNA recombination;  DNA amplification;  gene cloning;  gene transformation;  gene delivery systems
  • Transmission of heritable characteristics
    • Genes as units of inheritance;  gene regulation
    • Eukaryote chromosomes, alleles;  prokaryotic chromosomes and plasmids
  • Cell reproduction:  cell cycle, DNA replication, apoptosis;  binary fission;  gamete production;  inputs and outputs of meiosis
  • Variation:  mutations;  genotype, phenotype;  continuous, discontinuous variation
  • Patterns of inheritance in sexually reproducing organisms
    • One gene locus:  monohybrid cross including dominance, recessiveness, co-dominance;  multiple alleles
    • Two gene loci:  dihybrid cross
    • Pedigree analysis:  autosomal, sex-linked inheritance;  test cross

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