AoS 4: Change Over Time

Course Outline

  • Change in populations:  gene pool, allele frequencies;  selection pressures;  genetic drift
  • Natural selection as a mechanism of evolution
  • Geological time:  scale;  relative and actual dating techniques
  • Evidence of evolution:  fossil record, biogeography, comparative anatomy;  molecular evidence
  • Patterns of evolution:  divergent, convergent;  allopatric speciation;  extinction
  • The development of evolutionary theory
  • Evolutionary relationships:  conservation of genes; genome phylogeny;  mitochondrial evolution
  • Hominid evolution:  patterns, origin
  • Interrelationships between biological, cultural and technological evolution
  • Human intervention in evolutionary processes
    • Selective breeding
    • Application of gene technologies:  cloning of organisms;  transformation;  stem cell differentiation;  genetic screening;  gene therapy

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